BMLINE 100: Vertical Horn Line Array Speakers, a new class in the high performance League.

Form follows function

For over 40 years Backes&Müller has been manufacturing active loudspeakers “Made in Germany” with precise, hand finished craftsmanship. From the very beginning the focus of our efforts has been on playback originality and authenticity. All of our innovative past and future developments pursue this goal. Produced with the help of solid engineering artistry these have quickly found international attention and success. Backes&Müller triggered a technological leap by introducing controlled active technology (Int. Pat. PCT/EP2016/053272), and is the world’s leading manufacturer in this class today. With the introduction of digital signal processing we succeeded in linearizing the chronological structure for the first time, a pre-requisite for a correct virtual stage of the reproduction. All ideas, concepts, technologies and designs serve only one purpose: to find the most unadulterated and true conversion of the music signal into sound as possible.
 “With the BM Line 100, the declared goal of developing the most pristine, true transduction of the music signal into sound has succeeded in a most breath-taking way! It is admirable that the audiophile manufacturer Backes&Müller conceived, constructed and consequentially realised this loudspeaker – a masterpiece of German engineering.“
Alexander Aschenbrunner, HiFi Stars

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Different acoustics in living rooms require different solutions. An authentic reproduction in a large room requires a
completely different solution than in a small room. Large listening distances require a different system than a near field
setup. As a consequence, the external construction infl uences the sound reproduction process. Organic sound reproduction processes express themselves in organic cabinet designs.

„Authenticity in Music“

The timely order of a signal as the sole genuine event The way the FIRTEC™ Technology functions results from the knowledge that the human ear does not listen to amount or phase, but rather takes in only a continuous stream of information. Changes in air pressure across a time line arriving at each ear make up the entire information of the acoustical ambient. This includes volume as well as direction and spatial information.

Our FIRTEC™ Technology separates the signal in bass, midrange and mid-high-range components and corrects the emitted music signal in such a way that the sound waves combine themselves to an accurate, complex sound event upon arriving at the listener’s ears. The impulse response of a system with such a frequency cross-over unit does not contain any phase distorted components and is accordingly extremely clean and void of overshoots. In addition and depending on the listener’s preferences, the loudspeakers can be optimized to the surrounding room and adapted with the help of filters.

The BMLine 80 and 100 is the ultimate consequence of this consideration. The most modern digital signal processing combined with the archaic form of the newly developed vertical horn ensures you have an original live performance every time.

A software-based digital signal processer (DSP) is implemented in the newly developed FPGA design ("Field Programmable Gate Array") electronics, which has a mathematical model of the loudspeaker with all relevant physical characteristics that calculates and corrects distortion many thousands of times in every second. The loudspeaker composed of chassis, cabinet and electronics is thereby regarded as a complete system and as such, completely corrected. For the entire middle-high-tone frequency range this means an exact pre-control without any control loop errors and dead time of any kind. The AD respectively DA convertors implemented are “state of the art” and highlight performance and dynamics in a range that is absolutely appropriate for “live” performances.

In the bass range, the further developed and patented B&M proprietary DMC™ regulator reaches the exact same musical playback characteristics in an analogue manner as in the upper frequency range of the signal processor. The combination of digital signal processing in connection with the analogue B&M DMC™ regulation results in exact linearization in magnitude and phase. The BMLine therefore has a constant phase progression of 0° or expressed musically: All frequencies reach the listener’s ears at the same time. The result is an unbelievably impulse-true playback in connection with an exact spatial representation of the stage and its panorama.



Front 6 x 12"- DMC controlled high-performance -Bassdriver Units (FIRTEC™-controlled)
Int. Pat. PCT/EP2016/053272
Front 10 x 6.5"-FIRTEC™-controlled
Mid-Range drivers
Front 10 x 1.8"-Fraunhofer-Linedriver
(Pat. DE102015102643A)
Endstufenleistung Bass 6 x 500 W
Mid 900 W
High 300 W
Frequenzbereich 22 - 24000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)
Eingangsempfindlichkeit 10 dBu
AD-Converter 24 Bit Sigma Delta DA-Converter (192 KHz)
DA-Converter 24 Bit Sigma Delta DA-Converter (192 KHz)
Analog IN, OUT XLR-symmetrisch
Digital IN Digital AES3-IN
DSP FPGA with software based Digital-Signal- Processor
Room Equalisation DSP-controlled phase-linear User-EQ with 6 Filters, Distance Shift a.s.o.
PPG-Remote Control-Unit