BM Line 50 in India

BM Line 50 in Indien

BMLine 50

With its new line arrays B&M set new standarts in loudspeaker technology.

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With their completely new concept in design, materials and finish, the new top products of the BMLine series stand out. Their similarity to the BMLine-Products, which have been extremely successful for years, can be recognised at a glance. The vertical setup still determines and comprises the overall design, just as the central cylinder wave emitters between the two bass/midrange chassis do. A further development in style with a simultaneous focus on the essentials can be detected upon closer inspection; no screw joints, no amplifier heat sinks, no sockets – nothing. Only components that directly serve the reproduction of sound remain visible in the new Line-Series. Apart from the changes in design, it’s also very evident that the membrane surface areas have increased dramatically.

All the input and signal electronics are housed within the completely newly designed stand, which has been milled from solid materials. All connecting cables end there. The actual speaker is connected to the base via four stainless steel tubes, conspicuous by its design with its absence of screws. Inside, the cabinet is split into different acoustic compartments and contains the amplifier and control electronics of the individual chassis. Thus the cable path between the amplifiers and drivers is extremely short and efficient.

The signal processing has been achieved with software-based digital signal processors. This ensures that our proprietary development is modular and future-proof. The DSP runs on an in-house developed, FPGA-design, known from state-of-the-art computers in parallel architecture. In this way, Backes & Müller have direct access to all algorithms, which ensures that future developments and/or adaptions to new audio formats can be achieved at any time with software updates. The software of the system is stored on an SD-card, incorporated on the reverse side of the base, accessible from either the user or a B&M service technician. As introduced with the original BMLine-Series many years ago, the speakers can be setup at their installation site and adapted to the room’s own acoustic properties by our experts using a wide range of available setup parameters. Over and above this, the listener has a further selection of controls enabling an adaption to his/her own acoustic preferences.

The new concept for finishes on our cabinet design permits a large variety of cabinet variations that can in principle result in a unique design. Every cabinet comprises of three basic elements; the sound front, side panels and high-frequency wave guides. All three are available in a wide range of materials and finishes. The quality of our hand worked high-gloss piano finish is second to none, and the solid wood front panels are available in many varieties. Some parts of the speaker can even be finished in gold leaf.

A software-based digital signal processer (DSP) is implemented in the newly developed FPGA design ("Field programmable Gate Array") electronics, which has a mathematical model of the loudspeaker with all relevant physical characteristics that calculates and corrects distortion many thousands of time every second. The loudspeaker composed of chassis, cabinet and electronics is thereby regarded as an entire system and as such, completely corrected. For the entire middle-high-tone frequency range this means an exact pre-control without any control loop errors and dead time of any kind. The AD respectively DA convertors implemented are “state of the art” and highlight performance and dynamics in a range that is absolutely appropriate for “live” performances.

In the bass range, the further developed and patented B&M proprietary DMCregulator reaches the exact same musical playback characteristics in an analogue manner as in the upper frequency range of the signal processor. The combination of digital signal processing in connection with the analogue B&M DMC regulation results in exact linearization in magnitude and phase. The BMLine therefore has a constant phase progression of 0° or expressed musically: All frequencies reach the listener’s ears at the same time. The result is an unbelievably impulse-true playback in connection with exact spatial representation of the stage and its panorama.




Rear Side 4 x DMC™ controlled 10“ high performance bass chassis
Front Side 2 x 8“ carbon fiber chassis with FIRTEC™ equalisation
Front Side 1 x 1.8” mid- to high range Fraunhofer cylinder wave emitter
Amplifier Power Bass 2000W(P) 1600W(RMS)
Midrange 1200W(P) 900W(RMS)
High 300W output power in MOSFET-technology
Frequency Range 22 - 24000 Hz (+/-3dB), separation at 80 Hz, 800 Hz
Input Sensitivity up to 20 dBu
AD Converter 24 Bit Sigma Delta
DA Converter up to 192KHz technology
Analog IN, OUT XLR-symmetrical
Digital IN Digital AES-input for direct connection to digital sources
DSP FPGA with software-based DSP, updateable
Room Adaptation Room adaptation with 6 user filters, delay, volume, subwoofer mode
Processing FPGA-based DSP- und microcontroller; in-house development

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