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BMIce 802

With the new BM ICE 802 -preamplifier B&M establishes the new class of BM Digital Home Devices.

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The new BM Digital Home Devices offer a universal connection to all source units of your High-End-system whether analogue or digital.  Both high quality analogue input devices such as a tuner or a tried and tested record player, or newer digital media with the highest resolution are accepted by the BM ICE 802 and converted into the appropriate format.  

Puristically simple to operate with an infra-red remote input channel selection and volume control, analogue signals are converted into the digital level and then connected, loss-free with our speakers.  It is equally possible to channel the music files from a media server connected via the USB input to the loudspeakers or to drive an analogue preamplifier. At the same time, the highly precise internal clock regenerates the clock information for all queued signal sources. No matter whether the media server is connected to digital data, a CD player with digital output, a tuner with analogue output or a beloved DAT player with optical connection – the BMIce 802 processes all existing formats, converts them into a high resolution format at the digital output and transmits them simultaneously via the HD-DA converter to the analogue output.

This high-tech device is packed into an extraordinarily stable, noble cabinet with a design reminiscent of a block of ice.

  2 stereo HD-AD converters, 24 Bit / 192 KHz
Sigma-Delta convertor by Burr-Brown
1 Stereo-HD-DA converter, 24 Bit / 192 KHz
Sigma-Delta convertor by Burr-Brown


Analogue 2 stereo cinches, 4.0 V dBV
Digital 2 optical TOS links SPDIF, 96 KHz, 24 Bit
2 coax cinches SPDIF, 192 KHz, 24 Bit
1 AES3-XLR-IN, 192 KHz, 24 Bit
1 USB-In 192 KHz, 24 Bit


Analogue Stereo cinch
Digital 2 AES3-XLR
Output Control RJ45-B&M-Control
Processing Clock-recover algorithms us to supply highly precise clock resampling to align all sources to the digital master lock, analogue volume control by rotary knob or per infrared
Infrared Remote Control Input channel selection, volume
Measurements H x W x D Height without knob:
15 x 45.5 x 45.5 cm

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