BMSub 15

The new Subwoofer generation of Backes&Müller.

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Your speakers will play with unexpected ease when connected with our new subwoofer generation. The subwoofer handles the majority of the low-frequency work and thereby frees up the main loudspeaker from the bass load. Not only the bass benefits, the mid-range converts the music effortlessly with seductive coolness. Any combination of subwoofer and main loudspeaker is possible and adjustable with the BM-Sub15; either choose a subwoofer for both stereo main speakers in mono-sub configuration or a BM Sub for each stereo main loudspeaker that then takes over the deep bass as an extra channel. Naturally the BM-Sub 15 works with the patented DMC 2.0™ technology.

Power 1 x 500W analogue MOSFET
Chassis 1 x 15"-high performance chassis with DMC™-control
Analog IN, OUT up to 4 dBu, satellite-Out
Adjustment Level adjustment, phase invertible. Satellite OUT: Linear / 80 Hz switchable, subwoofer crossover bypass switch for operation with BM Line 25/35/50
Measurements W x H x D: 0,50x0,54x0,50m

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